• Thom Abraham

Strange Times Indeed

Now week 3 since the sports world shut down…of course, we still have the College Football Season and NFL season to speculate on, and what will be left of the NBA and NHL seasons, if anything, and when baseball will start, and call me an optimist, I believe baseball will start!What I can’t do is the Doom and Gloom thing…I am just not wired that way…I’m not whistling past the graveyard, I get it, we are closing in on 3000 deaths in America due to this virus, including a couple of names over the weekend that we recognize, Bobby Hebert, Sr., who was in his 80’s, father of Bobby the QB and grandfather of T-Bob, who’s named for his Grandpa…I assume the T is for “Third”, and Joe Diffie, age 62, passing away over the weekend…we’ll celebrate him with bump music today…His hit, Pick Up Man was #1 for 4 weeks, and he had plenty of others that any fan of country music will recognize.

On the positive side, testing in the US is way up, which means confirmed cases is up, but the death rate is holding at 1.8%, which sucks, but that means 98.2% survive the virus…which is great.There is also the story off the doctor in New York that has treated 700 patients with a cocktail of drugs, that has been very affective as well.He has people breathing better in 4-6 hrs., and no one has died…

We really need to continue all the safety measures of social distancing and vigorous hand washing and being very cognizant of who we come in contact with, as much as possible…but we will get through this, and I do not think, as some of my colleagues do, that we will have 250-500,000 dead Americans when it is all said and done…We are at 2600…I’m just not going to half a million yet.I’ve heard that Paul Finebaum is down and disillusioned and disoriented over this, but I can’t be that guy…

And yes, this is awful, but we continue in this country to sell products that cause cancer and harm us, people continue to drink and drive and kill 10’s of thousands per year, and we give them back their licenses, and we kill over half a million children in their mother’s wombs, and we call it a choice, so please, let’s not make this something more dangerous than anything the world has ever seen…


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